This game was developed for the Global Game Jam 2019.

Navigate through levels on a Rubik's Cube. No jumping! You can stick to the walls though.

There are no win conditions yet (only 6 levels to explore and 2 items to find), levels are unpolished and untested, character controller is not the best and the game is a little buggy (so yeah, it is a game jam game). But we believe that you will get the main idea :)


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I did a Twich stream of your game on Sunday 01/27/19 and I uploaded it to my YouTube channel today.

I recorded myself playing it for the first time and made commentary on how I thought it played and what I liked/didn't like.  I tried to be objective.  I'm trying to provide honest feedback and playtesting to indie devs.  The link is below.


Wow! Thank you very much! Checking out the video right now :)


Hey, I wrote a reply on youtube. Just in case I'm pasting it here:

"Dev of qbk here! Thank you very much for trying it out. I must say, you are a very patient person :D We are planning to develop it further so the feedback and the footage was very helpful! Sorry that there was no "end condition", we ran out of time :( The purpose is to get those shapes to their correct spots. There are only 6 rooms in total, the rest is just there for show (they will be there in the future versions), that is why they are not matching.

So yeah, it wasn't your fault at all it is just that we didn't have enough time to polish the game and finish the levels.

I will let you know about the progress! Thanks again :)"